The Seagull Theory, or How Not to Be a Shit

19 thoughts on “The Seagull Theory, or How Not to Be a Shit”

  1. Wonderful wonderful piece. I am very familiar with the seagull society, having had more than a few as “supervisors”. One of the things I pride myself on is that I was able to become the type of leader in my business that was known for NOT behaving that way. Unfortunately, the rest of the work world doesn’t share my view, and I have to continuously dodge the rain of birdshit.

    BTW, your PSA is wonderful on it’s own! I am SO glad I found your blog. I find myself waiting to see when your next post appears in my reader.

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    1. As always, thank you, Wulf! It is so encouraging to have feedback on what is written, especially from a respected fellow writer. I was on the verge of putting it aside when you found me and introduced me to the tribe. I’m so glad you did.

      So much shit. *sigh* Maybe a few seagulls will read this and stop being so damn shitty!

      (The PSA is I think my favorite part of the whole bit. Honestly, it feels conceited to laugh at much at my own material as I have especially that PSA… and the fancy cheese comment.)

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      1. Well then the serendipity of me finding you, and you awe’ing me, this introducing the tribe is truly something magical and marvelous for us to mark and remember. Reading your posts has become and important sanity stand for me of late, so thank you.

        So even if no seagulls stop by and reflect, know at least that you have made a mark here.

        That PSA was brilliant. I try to add humor to my prose pieces, but I think I failed on the last one. Oh well…sometimes a healer needs dark space as well. And reading your post helped me regain the good self. 🤗

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  2. Ok, first of all, wow! What an intriguing piece. It is deep enough that you have to continue on your read. Can’t stop. Have to find out where you’re going with this. Continue reading…. got there. Made me think. That’s good! We all need to look in the mirror and see who we are , have become and want to be. You are truly a writer of great prose. But let it be said, I love poetry. Keep at it and hope this day brings sunshine and joy and no seagulls.

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  3. Pretty picture for starters! This post is absolutely one of your best! There are so many varying degrees of brilliance written in this post… I. Cant. Even. I am dying to reblog and will eventually, but this needs to ‘fly’ as a solo post for a bit. Bravo Kit!~Kim

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    1. Thank you, Kim! I too feel like its the best, and if not the best at least at the top.

      The more I write and the more feedback I get from you and from other bloggers, the more I feel like my writing is progressing. I already was surprised by the prose and how when I sit to write it always ends up someplace I never expected… I sound cheesy but it’s very organic. But with the feedback and encouragement, I feel it deepening and I love it!

      Always, thank you, thank you, thank you! ~Kit

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  4. OMG, this was hilarious and was a fantastic way to begin my day. I cannot stop laughing.

    ‘The small flock happens when the lone shitter begins to draw towards himself like-minded individuals.’

    I mean, that is fucking brilliant! It always starts with a lone shitter. HA! And the hushed tones and British accent?? HAHAHA! Of course! Amazing. All of it! Your PSA…LOVE!

    Thanks for this. Going to go have myself a fabulous day now and will do my best to not be that bird!

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  5. “Seagulls fly into every situation and relationship, shit everywhere and on everything, and then they fly off.” The moral being, “don’t be that bird” – I love it! Thanks for the chuckles and I would agree!
    Caz x

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