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Philosophy means the love of wisdom. To study or discuss philosophy is to seek wisdom about the great questions of life, existence, morality, ethics, values, and logic or reason using questioning, discussion, arguments, and critical thinking. Philosophy isn’t about breaking down one’s beliefs until nothing exists unless it can be proven, it is about breaking down one’s experiences to find one’s beliefs about life, human existence, what is right, and where one’s faith and beliefs exist so that the difficulties of life and the darkness contained therein are met, one may be able to find the light and the beauty of it all, to understand and find grace for fellow humanity and for the self, and to find where true north is even when the needle of one’s compass seems to be spinning wildly.

from rusticus

One of the things that has drawn me back to words has been the words of the Stoics as I pour myself into understanding something that had been forbidden fruit for so long. I’ve been through quite a lot in recent years and I’ve always done my best to keep myself grounded but that has…

A banana shaped disaster part 2: more toxic positivity

They never actually fixed the underlying issues, they only continued to build, creatively but stupidly, trying to mask and correct the impacts of a poor foundation. GwenAnn So the thing about smiling to your future and just hoping that it is going to smile back at you is that it is a steaming pile of…


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