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Hi, I’m GwenAnn.

Previously a master teacher, in 2017 I took a step back from the everything I had worked to achieve in my life to find the answers to the deep probing questions I had about what makes life (or people) truly beautiful when faced with brokenness, loss, grief, challenge, and heartache, who I am in the midst of my brokenness, and how to find life and hope again after tragedy, trauma, and loss, and my losses were great.

I lost my health and my ability to dance ballet on two feet when I became an amputee.

I lost my sense of safety in the world and in relationships when I finally stopped denying the horrible abuse and violence I’d endured throughout my life.

I lost my sense of security when I was abandoned in the middle of a health crisis and I became homeless.

I am passionate about enriching the lives of those around me and those to whom my words reach and about bringing positive change in the ways we talk about, understand, address, and approach physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual trauma that come as the result of war and our journeys through life. What began as a philosophical unwillingness to see brokenness and difficulty in life as the end has become a passion for writing about the beauty that comes when brokenness is not hidden but rather accepted as a part of the journey through life.

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