Philosopher & Author

My name GwenAnn.

I’m sassy, classy, and so smartassy.

I’m a study in contradictions and believe that an ugly truth is always better spoken than a beautiful lie.  I am a trove of largely seemingly useless knowledge that gets woven into everything I write and say as nuggets of golden truth and wisdom.  I prefer tea to coffee (but have a soft spot for a late afternoon latte), drive too fast, sing in the shower, and carry a letter opener.  My weapon of choice is the pen but will substitute a keyboard when weaponizing my words for mass distribution.

I am passionate about enriching the lives of those within the military community and bringing positive change in the ways we address and approach physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual trauma that come as the result of war and our journeys through life.  What began as a philosophical unwillingness to see brokenness and injury as the end has become a passion for writing about the beauty that comes when brokenness is not hidden but rather accepted as a part of the journey through life.

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