Summer of Darkness

Summertime The season of growth Verdant green fields Filled with wildflowers And lovers on adventures Warm sunlit days Swaying in the hammock Lying in the sun Sand and smiles with the Saucy *shush* of the silver waves Life and laughter lighting up Little gatherings of lovers Instead became The season of death Turning light to … Continue reading Summer of Darkness


Sitting in the top of the house Rocking the chair in the open window Watching the lights of buildings Along the near horizon Slowly disappear Through sheets of rain Illuminated momentarily As if from behind In lightning flashes While windows shudder At the clap The tempest rages Winds howling Until the bolts tire Of their … Continue reading Peace

Beautiful Lies

I don’t think I’m the only person who sometimes finds a recurring theme, thought, idea, or word arise in my life.  I find it interesting that whenever recurring words come forward, I’m reminded at the same time of those points at which I’ve written about them before, only the difference is that with each progressive … Continue reading Beautiful Lies

Legs for Days

That’s what I was told I have today by a man whose business it is to measure bodies. Lady, you DO have legs for days! This guy, whom we will call Al, came by to measure me for a wheelchair (its only been almost 7 months since I joined the footless few and I’ve been … Continue reading Legs for Days

Classics: Song: To Celia (Drink to me only with thine eyes)

The writing of the Renaissance called and I answered. If you’re unaware, this is the period of Shakespeare, Donne, Herreck, Marlow, Queen Elizabeth I, and King Henry VIII. This charming piece I think sums up the intoxicating feeling you have when there’s someone whom you adore, that you feel almost drunk off the slightest attention … Continue reading Classics: Song: To Celia (Drink to me only with thine eyes)