I’m GwenAnn, the philosopher, artist, writer, teacher, barista, and student of psychology that started The Kintsukuroi Life.

My talented team and I share the philosophical beliefs we have found comfort in during the challenges we’ve faced in our lives as we’ve discovered the beauty in brokenness, light in the darkness, and hope and love again after tragedy and loss. I hope you will join us!

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about gwenann

In 2017, I took a step back from the everything I had worked to achieve in my life as I sought to find the answers to the deep probing questions I had about what makes life and people truly beautiful especially when faced with brokenness, loss, grief, challenge, and heartache, who I am in the midst of my brokenness, and how to find life and hope again after tragedy, trauma, and loss. Read more

about the team

Every writer on this team has experienced various degrees and kinds of brokenness in their lives, and each of us have come to the recovery of our happiness in the wake of that difficulty in our own ways. Read more about Lizibet and Phoebe here and we hope you enjoy getting to know each of us as you join us on our journeys!

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