New Book… New Look

Unveiling a new look for The Kintsukuroi Life… Some months ago, I was having a quiet conversation with someone who’s perspective on things always leaves me looking at the world differently. They say that iron sharpens iron and we are sharpened by the company we keep. There are those whose presence and friendship is a … Continue reading New Book… New Look

Check Your Ledger

Every human being we interact with is either crediting your emotional ledger or creating an emotional debit and it is not enough simply to be happy when you are no longer in the hole or just barely getting by with chump-change in your accounts. The whole idea of the ledger is not to judge the other or ascribe intent or motive to the other, it is simply to recognize that your physical and emotional well-being are impacted by the balance of your ledger and not everyone you have a relationship with is someone who leaves your ledger a little bit fuller after every interaction you have with them. Continue reading Check Your Ledger

See Me

I drifted up to the ticket kiosk.

Black leggings, black and white sweater, a bajillion chains around my long neck, very dangly chain earnings, nose ring, all the black eye makeup… drifting in my wheelchair in the Army hospital.

Cause that’s how I roll. Continue reading See Me

Finding Happy

It’s not a secret that my life isn’t exactly going as planned at the moment and at times the proverbial wrenches in the works are so outrageous that it’s almost as though God’s throwing the worst at me to see how I will respond like a modern day Job. I’m not going to lie, there … Continue reading Finding Happy

Loving Life

Don’t mind me. I’m just a one legged woman in a skirt crawling around the back of my hatchback looking for the pin that fell out of the wheelchair so I can put it back together before the blizzard hits. I’ll be fine!   I love my life, I really do.   No matter what … Continue reading Loving Life