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the eye of the hurricane is still in the storm

I disagree with those who strike out into the midst of the billows and, welcoming a stormy existence, wrestle daily in hardihood of soul with life’s problems. Seneca, Moral Letters, 28.7.1 One of the strangest phenomenon I have witnessed and experienced as a human being is the propensity to choose to be in a romantic…

medicine of the soul

At some point over the last few days, I felt a sadness coming over me knowing that my ex’s birthday was today and I found it strange that although he is among those who have caused me so much sorrow that there is still a small sliver of me feeling sadness at not wishing him…

from rusticus

One of the things that has drawn me back to words has been the words of the Stoics as I pour myself into understanding something that had been forbidden fruit for so long. I’ve been through quite a lot in recent years and I’ve always done my best to keep myself grounded but that has…

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