throwing away the one ring

At some point several years ago, I'd stopped wearing the diamond because my body was so sick that I couldn't wear them without swelling problems. But the problem that was almost as big was that it pissed off my ex. Big time. He had an absolute fucking meltdown because how dare I embarrass him by... Continue Reading →

from rusticus

One of the things that has drawn me back to words has been the words of the Stoics as I pour myself into understanding something that had been forbidden fruit for so long. I've been through quite a lot in recent years and I've always done my best to keep myself grounded but that has... Continue Reading →

Welcome back?!

I admit it wholeheartedly: I've been in a writer's hell, a wordless purgatory for far too long. Not quite five years ago this Friday, I lied to the most dangerous person I've ever known when I told him I would see him in a few short months as I crawled down the hallway on hands... Continue Reading →

A Cottage in Appalachia

Not my cottage garden entrance but so you get the vibe... I've been busily unpacking and settling into the first home I've properly had since I left for the hospital four and a half years ago. I had a deep feeling when I left that day that I wasn't just saying see ya later to... Continue Reading →

If only

if only the planets would traverse through space to shine brightly on me so I may harvest the long awaited romance and peace I deserve

How pale the moonlight

How pale the silvery cold moonlight Shines in winter of my heartSerene goddess of brokenness Mourns wearily in an ocean Without love Adrift and aloneBeautifully small Deep blue tides swellingBut silent hope sings Always

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