Reblog: Trust Me, Eat The Monkey

Kim is another blogger on a health related journey. When I asked a question earlier this week, she brought me good sense and logic with kindness and humor. (Gah! I so want to have coffee with this lady!) Then something even more magical happened, something that as a writer I adore:

What she said to me stuck with her until it became words she couldn’t keep just to herself or just for me and she wrote!

How could I not share? Everything I write is coming from an experience or emotion or intuition, and 9 times out of 10 I have a person or a few people in mind as I’m writing because of something they said or did, or because of something they made me feel, and I dedicate different pieces to different people inside my head when I publish them. I love that Kim’s words to me are now words to the world.


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