Déjà Vu Diagnosing Me

7 thoughts on “Déjà Vu Diagnosing Me”

  1. My God! You are a medical miracle. I have no doubt- that flight should’ve taken you OUT Ms. Gwyn! Unbelievable. Keep doing what you are doing because you defy odds and you will definitely be written about in MANY medical journals… you will save lives. ~Kim

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  2. I believe that after 15 years, you know when to see the doctor. I know my body and I trust it even when it’s acting up. Since you are inside yours, the decisions are yours. I’ll back you and even hold you up so you and your doctor can make the right decisions for you. Just keep hoping forward.
    Fly flamingo, fly. Joan ❤️

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      1. Thank you. The “knowing” is less solid in me right now. It ebbs and flows depending on how much sass I feel and whether the stump is behaving. I find that becoming an amputee really messed with the feeling of being alluring and attractive. It’s a foot I lost… yet I question (more than I care to admit) if I’m still the woman in those pictures.

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