Flicker (reblog)

As if my marrow... Confusion in faint light Burns bright And I’m realizing I’m so lost… Trying to find Me. a.l.c — Read more on pouringtruth.wordpress.com/2019/08/20/flicker/

Day One #Poetry #Inspiration #Journey (reblog)

Someday, hopefully soon, will be my day one without a hospital on the horizon. Today is Day One of the rest of my life Starting over Free to do things differently More whole today Than I’ve ever been before   © 2020 Jason A. Muckley Read more on jasonamuckley.com/2020/01/22/day-one-poetry-inspiration-journey/

I miss you my friend (reblog)

I miss my friends, the words, as well... I miss when writing came easy, When words flowed from my veins, Falling into perfect lines, Flowing into flawless sounds. I miss when mind and body would meet, When I could write as fast as my thoughts, Pouring blues and reds to purple, Painting pictures using only... Continue Reading →

Wounded ~ Reblog

My friend, Kim, from I Tripped Over A Stone hit the nail on the head with what it is to be wounded and have to come back from emotional wounds and trauma. This is an honest, raw, and beautiful little piece to glimpse what this is. I am delighted she has her amazing husband's loving... Continue Reading →

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