Gratefulness ~ A sound…

The early morning birds chattering with one another, talking about how they slept and what they’re going to do today.

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  1. I’m resonating with the wonderful contrast you set up with this. Later, they’ll be squawking and squabbling over every little seed, though since they did what you said above, some of them might raise their heads, grab some worms, and fly up to the front row wire seat and cheer on their buddies.

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    1. I always wonder what they’re saying. Who they’re talking about. If they’re talking about me.

      Where I am, the winters are warm and mild. They’ll be well fed here but it doesn’t stop them from forming gangs to protect the feeders and setting a feeding schedule to keep from getting trounced. They all unite in rage, however, when the squirrels go for their food! I think they’ve set a watch for him.

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      1. 🙂 I remember a hummingbird squad that pretty much death matched with each other… until a squirrel arrived. Instant united front. It was like shiny and festive colored cobra-hornets. The squirrels started to stay up later and come around when the hummingbirds were noctitating. Hummingbirds simply have no idea how small they are, plus they can fly backwards. Like little Bruce Lee’s with wings.

        I as well wonder what they are saying, who they’re talking about. They have the chatterbox gig down pat.

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      2. They do have the chatterbox gig… and lately they’ve even got an owl hooting along with them throughout the night and before dawn. He (I assume it is a he because it has a very low voice) sounds like what I think James Earl Jones would sound like if he was an owl and I feel like perhaps he is reading aloud from Poe or Dickens.

        That’s exactly what they do, the little airborne ninjas! And they sometimes seem to get the cardinals and finches into their ranks as well! Hummingbirds are the artillery, the others are infantry.

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      3. Yes on all. Love your expression of the James Earl Jones owl reading aloud from Poe or DIckens.

        I WAS surprise on year, though. A big praying mantis was hanging out on the top of the feeder hanging down the side a bit. All I thought was, wow, ballsy. You’re going o get eaten. I couldn’t have been more wrong. So still that they hide in plain sight. The 1st hummingbird to arrive, begins to feed, and BAM. WHATTT???!!!! Wow, the praying mantis to took out the hummingbird in a single instant. It hung there holding the hummingbird, and I had just seen Nature’s way in a way I had never fathomed before.

        I can just see your Ornid Army there.

        I need to head out. Just wanted to let you know, so you can enjoy crickets instead of hearing them from me 🙂 Talk soon.

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