Perspective Taking

13 thoughts on “Perspective Taking”

  1. This is such great news, Gwen. Besides, I like how you’re thinking. Now that’s the spirit.

    Perspective has taught me patience and faith….

    Maybe it’s good that we don’t know what future holds. What matters is, as you said, the person we’d like to share it with.

    An amazing read, dear. You ARE A writer. A damn good one.

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    1. Ah yes, patience, faith, not knowing what the future holds, but knowing who we want to share that future with. The person we’d like to share it with… Indeed…

      Thank you, Bo! This one was a bit hard to write… I don’t know why.


      1. It has been a long wait for this and indeed all the things.

        The first day I was asked by a friend if I’d cried. No. There were no tears of relief. I have waited so long I didn’t even have tears left to cry. I got misty when talking about it to one friend late that night, but even still it wasn’t really crying. I can’t tell if it’s that I’m numb from waiting so long and it just hasn’t sunk in or if I’ve already cried all the tears I have for it.

        What I find overwhelming is now looking at the full recovery within this context and realizing how long this part of the journey will be. I know some are done in 6-9 months from where I am right now. It’s overwhelming.

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    1. Okay… Your comment says something that makes me check myself even more: “finally get to do it off of something positive.” Damn. There’s a lot that I see that is bad and I choose to turn to good… but maybe I need to mindfully find more good to begin with?!

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  2. No, I don’t think that’s it. It’s more that you have had to springboard from a tribulation, that it is nice to see something like this be a starting place.

    (and fix my horrendous typos in the first comment LOL)

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