The mark upon the Hawthorn branch
Points silently to the Oak
Which alone stands within
The very heart of the grove
Carved upon the tree
Sometime ages and ages hence
Yet still visible but only for those
Whose trained eyes know where to look
For they know Who really is

“Friend of my soul”

11 thoughts on “ᚐᚅᚐᚋᚉᚐᚏᚐ

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    1. I don’t know that they are healing so much as they are a reminder for myself of where my faith lies and why.

      And the symbols? Well, I keep being reminded of where I came from and that impacts where I’m going. I’ve been fascinated to learn that one’s DNA can change due to trauma and stress, environmental factors, and more. So truly, one can carry within oneself the marks of one’s ancestors struggles… but also, in a sense, their triumphs for surviving. So I find that symbols, even ancient ones, are rather woven in. Plus also I’ve been working with a student on “Gawain and the Green Knight” and that brings up many ancient themes to the forefront of my mind.

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      1. The changes to the DNA has me stumped. I studied DNA markers in college, I had to give a speech on DNA strands. Forensics was a career path at one time. This floors me! I did not know this was possible? Remembering our ancestors, where we came from, gives us great strength and grounds us, I believe. “Gawain and the Green Knight” sounds intriguing! Good to hear you are working with a student. I enjoy tales of ancient times!😊

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      2. I was amazed when I learned about the DNA as well. There’s a lot of new research showing how trauma or illness really can change you on a cellular level. It is truly fascinating. Think about our illnesses: what did some ancestor gain from having a heightened immune response and how did it make them survive? What have we eliminated that now the immune response which exists at the cellular level seems to destroy but can’t so it turns on us instead?

        I believe you’re right about being grounded. I feel like I needed to look back to be able to look forward. Hence my delight in learning about Gwendolen.

        Gawain is complex and beautiful poetry in the ancient style and I love it. But also find that to understand I have to really dig deep to all the ancient beliefs and traditions. Explaining the depths of the themes to a teenager is difficult on something like The Metamorphosis, which she can apply to our modern world easily, but to look at the questions of courtly honor, right and wrong, and the true essence of the epic quest of ancient British lit is a bit more tricky when she doesn’t have the life experience to apply or the depth of knowledge of the whole time period and belief systems to apply. Ergo, I’m having to dig deeper than expected to be able to help her to understand.

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