Bugle’s Call

There’s a certain quiet comfort

In the daily bugle calls

Not romantic, not nostalgic,

Yet it’s ringing through the halls.

It’s the quiet reassurance

That the wolves are held at bay

And the knowledge that our safety

Is ensured another day

There’s a rhythm that’s established

In the promise of “all clear”

At dawn, at noon, at dusk, at night a

Reassuring atmosphere

The simple tunes remind us

Of those whose lives were lost

And those who still stand up each day

To fight at any cost

With every haunting melody

That wafts o’er my open sills

My heartstrings sing the joys and pains

While giving me the chills

Each day I long to hear them

As I lie down and as I rise

And as I listen to them ringing

I gaze into the skies

Thank you, I think and speak and pray,

For those who hear the call and heed

The bugle summoning the brave

Thanks to them we’re blessed indeed.

On US military bases worldwide there’s a longstanding tradition of using bugle calls throughout the day to pay tribute to the flag, foster pride, professionalism, and discipline, and to remind us of the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women every day. Every night at 11 I hear the eerily beautiful and sorrowful cry of a single bugle playing “Taps” and every night ~ without fail ~ it moves me. I guess I finally found the words to share.

4 thoughts on “Bugle’s Call

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  1. Fabulous. The cadence, the words, the feelings and visuals are not only a good inner strength but an “all’s well”. Your words do credit to the bugle playing taps.
    Thank you for your incredible way with words. I so enjoy your abilities. What a gift!

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    1. I to, as a musician of sorts, have always loved the bugle at dawn and taps to close the day. The difference between the voice of both. One is heralding a bright new day and the other, closing the done day. However, that’s always been about my best. Gwen has visually been able to go so much further. What words she has in that brain of hers.🌹

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