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About a month and a half ago someone amazing *cough cough Kim* told me to submit some work to The Mighty to see if they’d pick me up as a contributor. I did. They did. Then I updated my resume and waited anxiously for their editorial staff (very small editorial staff) to do what they do and begin publishing things.

As of today, I’m officially published.

Regular readers will recognize this piece because it was here first but I now have a broader audience and I’m thrilled!

Finding My Way Back to Ballet After a Foot Amputation

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  1. Gwen, I am kicking myself for not being here more often, because every time I read something that you have written, I am left inspired and moved by your courage, perspective and unwavering desire to keep moving forward. On May 23, 2017, my birthday, I spent most of the day in bed nursing an excruciating hangover. So strange to think that as I lay in a pool of beer-sweat, you were in the midst of one of the most life-altering days of your life. It certainly puts things into perspective for me and also makes me grateful that somehow all these months later my path crossed with yours. Congratulations on your publication! Not only are you an extraordinarily talented writer, but an exceptional human being. Dance on, girl! xo

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  2. Ah-ha! I KNEW it!!! This, *cough cough Kim* must be a smart chicky! I am heading over to re-read it now on the Mighty and follow you!!! Get your authour page up girlfriend and keep submitting. It takes them forever, but your stuff is good! It’ll only be a waiting game on your end. You will be a knock out star in NO TIME!!! Don’t forget us little people… we knew you when! CONGRATS!!!

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  3. Kick your heels up! Jump and twirl in circles! Your new path no longer awaits you. It is you! Words and feelings. Pictures and senses. All something you understand and can do while waiting for ballet to leap back into your life. Being published, possibly editing. Everything to do with words,words, words. A simple word, overused word, but given with meaning. Congratulations!!✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻🌹

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