Autumn Drive

7 thoughts on “Autumn Drive”

  1. Your pictures were wonderful. We were also up in the mountains looking at the aspen trees. The higher we went the prettier they were, but the colder it became. We even had snow. Not just sweater weather anymore up there. I was glad to have my coat and warm scarf.

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      1. On the side of the road where the twenty feet sticks are dug in were about three feet of snow. We were not in a blizzard, but it was certainly snowing. I would have been in love if it were a hard snow.
        I’ve got to admit that when we got home, my bright red bathrobe, Ugg slippers and my red fleece blanket were the order of the day. I love winter, but don’t like being cold. That is something that as a young person never happened to me.
        At least you got out of the house and free of the four walls for awhile. Frees the heart and soul, doesn’t it?

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  2. Ahhh… that you for sharing your drive through the mountains… Oh, I miss the MTS. The rain and those inspiring beautiful images reminded me of just how much! Thanks for this post. I agree with your doctors, by blogging all of this you are well on your way to a best seller… seriously. ~Kim

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