Some is really good, some is really deliberately bad, some is someone else’s, most will hit you someplace…

apricity calling spring

Apricity, which means “the warmth of sun in winter,” was first recorded use in 1623 in Henry Cockeram’s dictionary called A Interpreter of Hard English Words. I’ve been waiting all winter for a moment of apricity when the clouds would break and it wouldn’t be so polar outside that one couldn’t feel warmth despite sunshine.…

How pale the moonlight

How pale the silvery cold moonlight Shines in winter of my heartSerene goddess of brokenness Mourns wearily in an ocean Without love Adrift and aloneBeautifully small Deep blue tides swellingBut silent hope sings Always

“DIY” ~ My Life’s Soundtrack

This song dropped this morning at 12:00 AM EST and I had already fallen in love with it when I saw a teaser for the first verse on Instagram. It is gritty, and foul mouthed, and raw, and has so much ugly truth that too many women I know understand. There are women who get…

even under ice

even under ice shoots of green grass grow stronglyseeking slivers of sunshineundeterred by winter‘s coldbe thou like the grass ⁂ ⁂ ⁂ Tanka, the muse Inspired by the birds singing outside and the green under sheets of ice.


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