Speed Bumps

One of the more enlightening aspects of being in a wheelchair for any amount of time is handling the lack of situational awareness by a vast portion of the legged populace, as I was reminded yesterday when I narrowly avoided becoming roadkill. What I am saying, though, also applies to anyone with any sort of … Continue reading Speed Bumps

A Little Magic

When I taught first grade I somehow managed to convince the kids who didn’t believe in Santa anymore that he might actually be real, everyone that leprechauns exist, the sometimes difficult children that I know everything so we might as well cut to the chase, and the whole class that I control the weather. One … Continue reading A Little Magic

Don’t Stop!

A couple days ago I came downstairs on my crutches to find the tires on my wheelchair were flat. I looked for a hand-pump and a pressure gauge to fix the problem but although one tire held the other seemed determined to stay flat. “Oh well,” I thought, “I can just crutch around the house … Continue reading Don’t Stop!