Flying Effing Monkeys

**Caution: Language Ahead** After a yesterday filled with far more emotion than I could reasonably be expected to process and acknowledge in one day, as well as one colossal shoe, I woke up this morning in a mood. You know the kind:   The don’t-fuck-with-my-fucking-juju-or-I-will-fucking-cut-you kind of mood, which of course is the twin sister … Continue reading Flying Effing Monkeys

“I’ve No More … To Give” (explicit) ~ The Sound of My Day

Disclaimer 1: This has language. Disclaimer 2: Don’t continue reading or listening if you have no sense of fucking humor. This. All of this. There’s just nothing fucking left worth to fucking add. “I’ve No More … To Give” Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq, Awkward Encounters While Walking My Dog, 2018 Songwriter: Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq … Continue reading “I’ve No More … To Give” (explicit) ~ The Sound of My Day

Beauty from Pain

I was talking with a friend this morning when something was said that hit a nerve I hadn’t realized could be hurt anymore, triggering a veritable tidal wave of the most unpleasant and wretched emotions, and when I shared a few of the events connected with that particular nerve and those feelings, the only word … Continue reading Beauty from Pain