Loving Life

Don’t mind me. I’m just a one legged woman in a skirt crawling around the back of my hatchback looking for the pin that fell out of the wheelchair so I can put it back together before the blizzard hits. I’ll be fine!   I love my life, I really do.   No matter what … Continue reading Loving Life

Braving Rejection

I recently read somebody’s short musings about having spent too much time overthinking what she says, so rather than simply speaking her mind and openly expressing her feelings she does not take the time to speak her truth as often as she could or perhaps should. How many of us choose not to speak because … Continue reading Braving Rejection

Being Seen

I am always amazed when I hear what others think of or see in me because they’re the things I seem utterly incapable of seeing in myself unless they’re pointed out. When these observations are brought to me, invariably I’m either highly flattered at the high praise, amused and delighted by the description, offended at … Continue reading Being Seen

Golden Threads

On Thanksgiving when friends came by for cocktails in the evening, my sweet (beautiful, brilliant, resilient, wise) friend spent some time seated with me next to my fireplace, talking of a great many things, the two of us enjoying being in each other’s confidence while the Mr. Darcy’s of the world left us to our … Continue reading Golden Threads


He had been a charlatan all along. She knew that now and marveled at how long he had kept up the charade to begin with. Except… He never realized what she was capable of because he’d counted her out the moment he found and exploited her weakness. He didn’t know that the master was about … Continue reading Charlatan


The abhorrent nature of silence in the face of injustice was sickening to him. He had spent his life devoted to ending oppression and yet he continued to see those who would fight for the same cause elsewhere complicit in causing and ignoring it at home. They had become anathema to him. ⁂ Sammie Scribbles … Continue reading Anathema