A Memory ~ Gratitude

We have all had times in our lives where we have felt completely trampled by life. Oftentimes we find it difficult to not judge ourselves in these difficulties; I am the worst offender alive. Yet, despite this tendency to judge myself for every misstep, real or imagined, that has landed me into whatever the trouble... Continue Reading →

Important People 1 ~ Gratitude

Who is a part of your every day that keeps you accountable and moving forward? I don't mean your significant other or children for whom you live, I mean who is the person who is being the iron to sharpen your iron so you're a better person for your familial unit. In my world it... Continue Reading →

A Quiet Place ~ Gratitude

What is a place you could sit happily for hours regardless of the season? Inside or outside, any season of the year or your life, where can you always go to feel the peace flow? A coffee shop is mine. Lattes and tea served piping hot while I sit cross-legged or with my legs stretched... Continue Reading →

Heart Song ~ Gratitude

What song brings you life no matter how many times you listen to it so that you have never grown weary of it? Or what song is it that is bringing life to your soul in where you are in this journey right now? The song I could listen to forever has been the same... Continue Reading →

Talented You ~ Gratitude

What talents do you possess that are otherworldly or amazing that you don't share with people because you think it is too weird or wonderful or unbelievable? I don't mean talking about something that you happen to be good at that is your everyday level of talent that you're completely comfortable with everyone knowing but... Continue Reading →

Words For the Road ~ Gratitude

Lets have another day of looking less deeply, shall we, as we think about a book or poem that has spoken to us, returning to our thoughts every so often to remind us of something within we have, need, or have forgotten that keeps our feet moving on the path before us: This is not... Continue Reading →

Simple Pleasures ~ Gratitude

Today lets not think so deeply because not everything worth being thankful for is deep and complex. Think about a food or drink that always helps you to feel grounded, peaceful, calm, or blissful: I am not talking about thinking, "mmmm pizza," because you really like pizza. I'm thinking more along the lines of something... Continue Reading →

Your Body, Your Temple ~ Gratitude

Today meditate on and consider what there is about your body for which you can be thankful. For some of us, I know this is more difficult to do than to others. Some of us have excellent health. For those of you reading this, those without age related issues, illness, or physical injury, consider those... Continue Reading →

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