Being Seen

I am always amazed when I hear what others think of or see in me because they’re the things I seem utterly incapable of seeing in myself unless they’re pointed out. When these observations are brought to me, invariably I’m either highly flattered at the high praise, amused and delighted by the description, offended at … Continue reading Being Seen

Golden Threads

On Thanksgiving when friends came by for cocktails in the evening, my sweet (beautiful, brilliant, resilient, wise) friend spent some time seated with me next to my fireplace, talking of a great many things, the two of us enjoying being in each other’s confidence while the Mr. Darcy’s of the world left us to our … Continue reading Golden Threads


Mousetrap. I wanted to play mousetrap. You roll your dice, you move your nice. Nobody gets hurt. (Bob the Tomato) I’ve been quiet lately. I know that. I’ve struggled to find words to say, and not just here. But how do you find the words to express what is happening when what is happening is … Continue reading Mousetrap

Still Waiting

I’m not the best with waiting. I was the child that wanted to peek at the gifts before Christmas and the one who hated to have to wait for report cards to be issued. I’ve always been more of a “right now” kind of a girl. Continue reading Still Waiting