Lovely Death

Two years ago, I wrote a little piece about how lovely it is to let dead things go. It was late October and the weather at the foot of the Rockies had turned cold, wet, and windy.  I’d been married to and living with a man who had, at first, seemed to be everything good … Continue reading Lovely Death

Trauma and the Hero

I read a lot: books, anthologies, poetry, prose, news, articles on things relevant to my life. Lately I’ve seen a lot of articles regarding the returning military hero fighting the demons that came home with him from his time in combat. These stories are easy to use as examples of overcoming personal trauma and tragedy … Continue reading Trauma and the Hero

Flying Effing Monkeys

**Caution: Language Ahead** After a yesterday filled with far more emotion than I could reasonably be expected to process and acknowledge in one day, as well as one colossal shoe, I woke up this morning in a mood. You know the kind:   The don’t-fuck-with-my-fucking-juju-or-I-will-fucking-cut-you kind of mood, which of course is the twin sister … Continue reading Flying Effing Monkeys

Beauty from Pain

I was talking with a friend this morning when something was said that hit a nerve I hadn’t realized could be hurt anymore, triggering a veritable tidal wave of the most unpleasant and wretched emotions, and when I shared a few of the events connected with that particular nerve and those feelings, the only word … Continue reading Beauty from Pain