“I’m Beginning to See the Light” ~ Sound of My Day

This is another one of those pieces of classic jazz that I cannot help but adore, regardless of the recording artist. Duke Ellington and Harry James, two of my favorite artists of the time, were among those who collaborated on this piece.  Ella Fitzgerald, Harry James, and Duke Ellington all released recordings of this song … Continue reading “I’m Beginning to See the Light” ~ Sound of My Day

“I’ve No More … To Give” (explicit) ~ The Sound of My Day

Disclaimer 1: This has language. Disclaimer 2: Don’t continue reading or listening if you have no sense of fucking humor. This. All of this. There’s just nothing fucking left worth to fucking add. “I’ve No More … To Give” Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq, Awkward Encounters While Walking My Dog, 2018 Songwriter: Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq … Continue reading “I’ve No More … To Give” (explicit) ~ The Sound of My Day

Hard Truths

A few weeks ago, I wrote a short story called Denial that was pushed out to platforms beyond this one. On one of the other platforms, someone commented that one has to dig deep to confront someone else with that word… Denial. Now, I haven’t actually logged into that platform more than once or twice … Continue reading Hard Truths


He had loved her from the beginning, and she him, but the time was not right then… So they meandered there and here for some time before meandering back into one another’s lives and hearts.  The connection they had was undeniable.  If only they would say so. ⁂ Sammie Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt Use the … Continue reading Meander


He was in over his head, that much was certain. He had gotten himself stuck in a no win situation, caught between his head and his heart, and there was no way he could see to have it all. He could either choose to stay in the same stagnant waters he had been in for … Continue reading Spin