She claimed as her own every victory, every accolade, and every achievement he had won by his own blood, sweat, and tears, and she felt emboldened to take advantage of every opportunity to show off the spoils of her twisted little conquest. Her cap had been set the moment they met and nothing would stand … Continue reading Hubris


She was walking along alone in the twilight of her old life with all its challenges and an over abundance of difficulty slowly fading in the last rays of what once was, moving steadfastly toward her future and the dawning of the new life. ⁂ Sammie Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt Use the word “twilight” and … Continue reading Twilight


He knew what he felt when she smiled at him with that smile where one corner of her mouth curled just a little bit higher and her nose wrinkled momentarily, when naughty jokes escaped from her lips just before a teacup was raised for a sip, when her blue eyes were turned upon him, and … Continue reading Ineffable


She learned early on that to too many, her value would only lie in whether she was capable of matching and meeting their expectations for perfection, whatever that might be, and it took utter destruction brought on by her need to be everything to everyone and her failure to do so to teach her that … Continue reading Barricade


He was taken by her, completely. She was almost otherworldly to him, the stuff of dreams that wisp away in rays of golden sunshine leaving only the vaguest impression of a sigh or heartbeat: unmistakably present but also too soft and delicate to describe. Except that she was real, bone and flesh (that flesh), and … Continue reading Devour