“I’ve No More … To Give” (explicit) ~ The Sound of My Day

Disclaimer 1: This has language. Disclaimer 2: Don’t continue reading or listening if you have no sense of fucking humor. This. All of this. There’s just nothing fucking left worth to fucking add. “I’ve No More … To Give” Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq, Awkward Encounters While Walking My Dog, 2018 Songwriter: Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq … Continue reading “I’ve No More … To Give” (explicit) ~ The Sound of My Day

Hard Truths

A few weeks ago, I wrote a short story called Denial that was pushed out to platforms beyond this one. On one of the other platforms, someone commented that one has to dig deep to confront someone else with that word… Denial. Now, I haven’t actually logged into that platform more than once or twice … Continue reading Hard Truths

Be at Peace

Don’t be my peace. Be at peace with yourself so you won’t disturb mine. ::author unknown:: I don’t just feel the *yes* I feel coming from a place of wanting others to be at peace. People make decisions thinking about how they will impact their own lives but they rarely think about how they will … Continue reading Be at Peace