Still Waiting

I’m not the best with waiting. I was the child that wanted to peek at the gifts before Christmas and the one who hated to have to wait for report cards to be issued. I’ve always been more of a “right now” kind of a girl. Continue reading Still Waiting

Perspective Taking

This week I did something I haven’t done at all in almost 16 months with more ease than I’ve been able to do it in for more than 4 years: I stood up on my one leg and a prosthetic and I walked. If you don’t have any major health issues or problems with mobility, … Continue reading Perspective Taking

Beautiful Lies

I don’t think I’m the only person who sometimes finds a recurring theme, thought, idea, or word arise in my life.  I find it interesting that whenever recurring words come forward, I’m reminded at the same time of those points at which I’ve written about them before, only the difference is that with each progressive … Continue reading Beautiful Lies

Dobby Has Come: Service Dogs

Have you ever considered putting on blackface to be an acceptable choice in this day and age? Yellowface? Redface? Whiteface? What about monkey suits in reference to race? Stereotypical indigenous or cultural clothing? A KKK getup? A straight jacket for fashion or humor?! Acting “retarded” (cognitively delayed just would not smack you so hard in … Continue reading Dobby Has Come: Service Dogs

Devoted Glue

I am a strong advocate for veteran issues and veteran health. I have been involved in volunteering in support of those actively serving and those retired, in support of veteran issues, and in support of veteran organizations for more than 13 years. Because this is PTS(D) awareness month, it’s something that is currently all over … Continue reading Devoted Glue