Don’t Stop!

A couple days ago I came downstairs on my crutches to find the tires on my wheelchair were flat. I looked for a hand-pump and a pressure gauge to fix the problem but although one tire held the other seemed determined to stay flat. “Oh well,” I thought, “I can just crutch around the house … Continue reading Don’t Stop!

Oh, Crap!

Being a one of a kind patient has it’s moments. Sometimes they’re hilarious, sometimes they’re terrifying or amazing, and sometimes they’re just… icky. Today I was offered the most magical opportunity by one of my doctors when he told me that if I wanted I could “eat shit”… literally. I’m not being crass or trying … Continue reading Oh, Crap!

This is Me

This is me today, minus the oxygen (because despite the fact that I’m about to write the tell all on why I’m kintrsukouri I’m still vain enough to not want you all to have *that* picture in your head).   More than 15 years ago I started having strange symptoms that no doctor could explain … Continue reading This is Me

One of a Kind

I was told today that my medical case is to be used in a paper to propose the identification and definition of a disease previously undefined which symptoms were ignored until the progression of such developed life threatening symptoms required to diagnose the blood disease that resulted ultimately in my decision to have my foot … Continue reading One of a Kind

Broken, Yet Not

A little over a week ago I made the decision to have my left leg amputated below the knee. It was both the most burdensome and yet the most obvious and effortless decision I’ve ever made.  Allow me to explain. I have multiple autoimmune diseases that working together have made everyday life so painful that for the … Continue reading Broken, Yet Not