“I’m Beginning to See the Light” ~ Sound of My Day

This is another one of those pieces of classic jazz that I cannot help but adore, regardless of the recording artist. Duke Ellington and Harry James, two of my favorite artists of the time, were among those who collaborated on this piece.  Ella Fitzgerald, Harry James, and Duke Ellington all released recordings of this song … Continue reading “I’m Beginning to See the Light” ~ Sound of My Day

Trauma and the Hero

I read a lot: books, anthologies, poetry, prose, news, articles on things relevant to my life. Lately I’ve seen a lot of articles regarding the returning military hero fighting the demons that came home with him from his time in combat. These stories are easy to use as examples of overcoming personal trauma and tragedy … Continue reading Trauma and the Hero

Flying Effing Monkeys

**Caution: Language Ahead** After a yesterday filled with far more emotion than I could reasonably be expected to process and acknowledge in one day, as well as one colossal shoe, I woke up this morning in a mood. You know the kind:   The don’t-fuck-with-my-fucking-juju-or-I-will-fucking-cut-you kind of mood, which of course is the twin sister … Continue reading Flying Effing Monkeys

“I’ve No More … To Give” (explicit) ~ The Sound of My Day

Disclaimer 1: This has language. Disclaimer 2: Don’t continue reading or listening if you have no sense of fucking humor. This. All of this. There’s just nothing fucking left worth to fucking add. “I’ve No More … To Give” Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq, Awkward Encounters While Walking My Dog, 2018 Songwriter: Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq … Continue reading “I’ve No More … To Give” (explicit) ~ The Sound of My Day