Stay ⁂ rdp

Things were complicated No one wants to stay whereThings are unhappyToxic and unfulfilling But all too often Excuses are foundWith reasons to stay When the reasons to stay Should be to stay healthy Brought to you by this Ragtag Daily Prompt.


It was intoxicating The woodfire smoke Curling up in ringletsFrom the small stone circleFlames dancing softly The soft breeze blowingShaking golden leaves of the aspen treesLike so many oversized sequinsTinkling like little bells The sound of little drops of waterFalling through the canopyLayer by layer to the groundAnd into the fog below The woodsy, organic … Continue reading Woodsy


It was all an illusionStepfordly soThe perfect coupleThe happy family snapshotsWhen other people were aroundThe smoke and mirrors ruled"I love you sweetheart," was spokenColdly, without emotion,The words were right But the feeling behind themWas completely wrongBut when there wasNo one else aroundThe truth was painfully obviousThat there was no loveNot anymorePerhaps not everAnd no bandaids … Continue reading Illusion


Sitting in the top of the house Rocking the chair in the open window Watching the lights of buildings Along the near horizon Slowly disappear Through sheets of rain Illuminated momentarily As if from behind In lightning flashes While windows shudder At the clap The tempest rages Winds howling Until the bolts tire Of their … Continue reading Peace