But they didn’t say how

Someone told me "You need to take care of yourself!" But they didn't say how So I sat by the fire Wore my favorite sweater Drank coffee Ate chocolate And just breathed Because most of the time We never do those things On purpose What do you do to take care of yourself? Comment below.

We Still Mourn ~ Memorial Day

Flowered wreaths Upon stands A folded flag Is in her hands Her world is changed Her love is gone A bugle plays One final song As song she's heard A hundred times For each close friend Left behind Behind in sense Of gone, of lost A life laid down A counted cost Some never left... Continue Reading →


The tittering of little bells Is what she longed to hear That signaled that the longed for hope Would soon be drawing near “Ting-ting” the silver bells sang A song about her beau Where her heart was safe Where her heart did glow...

The Qi ⁂ rdp

It was his qi That ebbed and flowed Between the dark open water's Endless cold And the glistening sunshine Tickling the liminal space Where she walked in the swash In endless grace In one the wide expanse Of all that has been In the other the hopes For all that he dreams At times he... Continue Reading →


they fit together perfectly nestled like apair of two teaspoons Brought to you by this Ragtag Daily Prompt.

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