The clock on the wall Stares at me, blank faced, Quietly judging me as The night I waste Not sleeping Tick, tick, tick Like a finger wagging Or the tisk-tisk Of one who is nagging I’m still not sleeping Bells and chimes Tormenting proclamations It’s one, it’s three, it’s five Increasing my frustration As I … Continue reading Sleepless


Is that all I am? Is that all I’m expected to be? A set, a scene A lovely untouched dream? The Stepford Wife, drink in hand Keeping and making the perfect house Dressed up, alluring The perfect spouse An empty shell An empty smile An empty life All I revile Isn’t there more Than just … Continue reading Stepford


How do you Forgive The unforgivable? The betrayal? The lies and broken trust? The hurts purposefully caused? How do you Forgive When everything within Feels poisoned By the acts of another? How do you Go about Forgiving yourself For not seeing it sooner? For choosing to be blind? How do you Move on But without … Continue reading Forgiveness

Never There

I’ll be There Was the object The seemingly perfect Yin to the yang And to balance the I’ll be There Was the one who was Always There Always for every Procedure Surgery Moment Always in Fidelity Confidence Love Qualities thought To be reflected In the Yin The I’ll be There But when it was Always’ … Continue reading Never There