It took nothing more than a few words to spark the blazing fire consuming her beating heart. ⁂ Sammie Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt: Use the word "ignite" and write a piece of poetry or prose in exactly 17 words. ⁂


She stood looking at the horizon as the darkness began to lift and the twilight steadily advanced toward sunrise pondering how the sparkle of the morning star that kept her pointed toward the east, toward her future, seemed to to fade in the bright rays of sunlight cutting through the haze. She knew it would … Continue reading Horizon


He thought of her and wondered what she felt for him. He'd never been brave enough to outright tell of his desire and had kept his heart safe from rejection by keeping a mask on his emotions. He did not know she'd done the same. ⁂ Sammi Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt Use the "mask" and … Continue reading Mask