The Thistle

Thistle, hearty flower, Resilient beyond end, You seem to be destroyed at times But still come back again Your armor is protective, A painful prick you’ll give Because that is what you have learned You must still do to live Your tall, strong, slender stems and stalks One may cut down quite low But rooted … Continue reading The Thistle

Check Your Ledger

Every human being we interact with is either crediting your emotional ledger or creating an emotional debit and it is not enough simply to be happy when you are no longer in the hole or just barely getting by with chump-change in your accounts. The whole idea of the ledger is not to judge the other or ascribe intent or motive to the other, it is simply to recognize that your physical and emotional well-being are impacted by the balance of your ledger and not everyone you have a relationship with is someone who leaves your ledger a little bit fuller after every interaction you have with them. Continue reading Check Your Ledger


He was reeling. The truth seemed indistinct and his future uncertain in the face of that unexpected turn. ⁂ Sammie Scribbles Weekend Writing Prompt Use the word “indistinct” and write a piece of poetry or prose in exactly 18 words. ⁂ How did I do? Don’t be shy… Tell me what you think! Continue reading Indistinct