Warning Label

I was told I should come With a Warning label . “Don’t look Into my eyes For too long! You’ll be Sucked in Forever!” . Too bad Fair warning Didn’t do anything To help Poor Jerry Or Mark Or James Their sunken ships, A few Among many, Skeletons of Failed attempts To make landfall, Still … Continue reading Warning Label

Day 366

Last week, someone I know hit a milestone on their blog, something that normally makes bloggers take notice and take time to reflect on that milestone in writing: First 100, 500, or 1,000… Posts Likes Followers Even the platform here on WordPress will give a notification that looks like an award when these little events … Continue reading Day 366

Walk Two Moons

To say that I’ve got a full rucksack right now would be an understatement of the most epic proportions. Just looking at the medical concerns that plague my day to day life is more than enough to exhaust and baffle even the most interested outside party. Despite the fact that I’m a storyteller by nature … Continue reading Walk Two Moons

Charlie Mike

Attacks coming from The right and the left From every quarter striving To leave me bereft, Distracted and distorted, Feeling rather than forging ahead In what I’m called to And to where I’m lead; No time to stand still, To pause and pout, Adjust fire and double down, Charlie Mike… I’m out Continue reading Charlie Mike