Mayhem and the Superhero Ethos

In honor of the National Suicide Prevention Day, 10 September, I think it is essential for all of us to recognize the impact of the mental health crisis in our society and the need for greater awareness and conversation about the things which may contribute to the kind of hopelessness that would make suicide seem like the best choice. The only way to make a change is to further discussion. This is an op ed I wrote that was originally published by SOFX on 23 Aug 2019.

The Book Project

So... I'm writing a book. It's an autobiography... Honest, sometimes darkish, sometimes lightish, telling my story, the big long beautiful ugly beautiful story of my brokenness. That's happening and has kind of been happening for several months now. If you look at the pages up there in the menu bar above these words, you'll see … Continue reading The Book Project