Cowardice is Not Love

Written by: Anonymous This article was written by someone who wishes to remain anonymous but who is in the middle of deconstructing. GwenAnn and I have edited it some for clarity but it remains the work of this anonymous author who had something to say that fits into our philosophical discussion of deconstruction but who... Continue Reading →

A banana shaped disaster… part 1

If any of the builders (of Pisa) had only gone back to fix the earlier problem with the foundation, Pisa would not be the 183 feet 3 inches on one side and 185 feet 11 inches on the other side banana shaped, spicy disaster we all know today. But they didn't take the time to do that, they kept smiling at their future hoping it would smile back.

Toxic Positivity in Religion

A friend this morning called to chat and vent about a blog post she had read that said that if someone will just read the bible enough, systemically enough, that they won't have difficulties in life and that the decisions they face won't be hard. Her response was the same as mine and it fits... Continue Reading →


The philosophy that I'm really interested in at this time in my life is deconstruction and that is because I'm deconstructing from the things I grew up being taught to believe. Perhaps you've heard of it? It is kind of a taboo word in christianity in america right now because people have a misconception about... Continue Reading →

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