“The Sound of Silence” ~ The Sound of My Day

Ah, yes, Darkness, my old friend, who frequently travels with Sorrow and Despair. Have you come to visit me once more in my restless nights and in the walking alone through this life? Yes? Marvelous. It truly boggles my mind that people would rather endure the oppressive nature of swallowing their truth and biting their … Continue reading “The Sound of Silence” ~ The Sound of My Day


The kindling has been gathered The tinder has been too There's stacks of well cut firewood I'm just waiting to go through For season upon season I've dreamt of this one fire And building up the flames and coals Of an inextinguishable pyre At times I have forgotten how To hope for winter's cold And … Continue reading Kindling

Still Waiting

I'm not the best with waiting. I was the child that wanted to peek at the gifts before Christmas and the one who hated to have to wait for report cards to be issued. I've always been more of a "right now" kind of a girl.