Charlie Mike

Attacks coming from The right and the left From every quarter striving To leave me bereft, Distracted and distorted, Feeling rather than forging ahead In what I'm called to And to where I'm lead; No time to stand still, To pause and pout, Adjust fire and double down, Charlie Mike... I'm out

Bugle’s Call

There's a certain quiet comfort In the daily bugle calls Not romantic, not nostalgic, Yet it's ringing through the halls. It's the quiet reassurance That the wolves are held at bay And the knowledge that our safety Is ensured another day There's a rhythm that's established In the promise of "all clear" At dawn, at … Continue reading Bugle’s Call

Gwenism #2

This isn't a game of Go Fish... This is Chess. Pawns will be sacrificed, and as many other pieces as is necessary for that matter, in order for me to be the Queen of this battle...~First uttered by me I'm not sure when. This ism is my current favorite. And, honestly, how could it not … Continue reading Gwenism #2