If only

if only the planets would traverse through space to shine brightly on me so I may harvest the long awaited romance and peace I deserve

How pale the moonlight

How pale the silvery cold moonlight Shines in winter of my heartSerene goddess of brokenness Mourns wearily in an ocean Without love Adrift and aloneBeautifully small Deep blue tides swellingBut silent hope sings Always

Heartbroken for a Monster

I’ve been sitting with a lot of feelings lately and one of the feelings is one that we have all felt at one point that, from the moment I realized I was in a relationship with an abuser, I never thought I’d feel… Heartbreak. Legitimate, sad, missing the times when, wishing things had been different,... Continue Reading →


No one listens to what I am saying and the hurt behind my words. No one sees the pain behind my smile and the burdens I still carry. No one feels the regret that grows when I am vulnerable and left wishing I stopped trying. I feel alone.

What Comes Next

Last week I did a thing… A terrifying, horrible, awful, powerful, empowering, glorious, beautiful thing. I told the truth about someone who abused me for the legal record. Not all of it, just a few of too many things because the prosecution felt that the whole picture was too much. And I do understand. There... Continue Reading →

even under ice

even under ice shoots of green grass grow stronglyseeking slivers of sunshineundeterred by winter‘s coldbe thou like the grass ⁂ ⁂ ⁂ Tanka, the muse Inspired by the birds singing outside and the green under sheets of ice.


winter once seemed a sad wasteland both dead and bare everything in cold darkness yet the grass grows under snow to bird songs ringing ⁂ ⁂ ⁂ Tanka, the muse Inspired by the birds singing outside and the green under sheets of ice.

8760 Hours.

Perched in a chair with my messy hair in a bun and my eyes focused on the homework due the next day. He beckoned for me to follow him into my room and as usual, I obliged. I knew what would happen next because when he wanted my body he got it. I was face... Continue Reading →

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