The Blessing of Covid

There is nothing healthy about remaining in a situation with yourself or with others where it is unbearable to be in closed up in the same space alone or together. Nothing. You are not noble or honorable or wise or kind for continuing to remain in an unhealthy situation with yourself or with someone else. You are not strong or resilient or faithful or powerful or amazing for continuing to remain in an unhealthy situation with yourself or with someone else. You are simply unhealthy and whether you realize it today or you realize it 10 years from now, what is healthy is what is right. Make a change now. Use this time to reflect upon yourself and your situation now and let that motivate a positive change that lasts after the quarantine in both your relationship with yourself and your relationships with others.

Fine Wine or Alone In the Dark

Grapes start as little things. Sweet. Crisp. Perfect little bite sized balls of goodness. But they're also immature. And as delicious as they are when paired with cheeses and slices of delicious roasted meats, crackers and honey, and perhaps a few nuts, they can be better. You see, there's this thing about those little things.... Continue Reading →

“Say” ~ Sound of My Night

I woke the other morning from a dream and all I could remember was this song. Since then I've had this song playing in the background of my mind for the better part of a week, for which I can find no explanation as I didn't actually own the or listen to the lyrics beyond... Continue Reading →


Thorns maketh the kiss And caress of petals soft Exquisitely lush . An accidental poem on roses. Originally published 18 April 2018

Cloistering Myself

For the time being, I am taking a step back from blogging and social media to protect myself. More will come when I return because by then, whenever that may be, but for now I must remain cloistered. Know I am safe. Know I am happy. Know I will return and, oh, the tales I... Continue Reading →


Like a pebble tossed into a pond, thus the ripples have begun to move from the epicenter outward reaching ev'ry corner... Tanka

Flicker (reblog)

As if my marrow... Confusion in faint light Burns bright And I’m realizing I’m so lost… Trying to find Me. a.l.c — Read more on

I miss you my friend (reblog)

I miss my friends, the words, as well... I miss when writing came easy, When words flowed from my veins, Falling into perfect lines, Flowing into flawless sounds. I miss when mind and body would meet, When I could write as fast as my thoughts, Pouring blues and reds to purple, Painting pictures using only... Continue Reading →

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