The Big Top on Fire

The Big Top is on fireAs the Ringmaster runs amuckTrying to convince the crowdThat he's not a schmuck He yells and calls and screams and kicks,Gesticulating wildly,Insisting anything gone wrongShould all be taken mildly He's not responsible for mayhemed thingsHap'ning under the gazeOf his podium in center ringAnd the Big Top all ablaze The monkeys... Continue Reading →

Clingy Speedbumps ~ Really Bad Poetry

just as a bicycle rider lifts his rump off the seat when he sees a bump ahead so as not to hate himself later so did she pull back when she sensed he was about to throw himself in front of her like a clingy speedbump who just didn't know how to let it ride

Mitch the Toast ~ Really Bad Poetry

mitch was for all intents and purposes toast not the buttery kind that calms an upset stomach or angry toddler not the peanutty kind that always falls face down because kids always drop it not the kind that has jam or honey and that is served with tea but not the posh high kind of... Continue Reading →

Creative Constipation

The words! -they are eluding me Traveling to places I can't see It's maddening to know they're near Singing songs I cannot hear The delicate flavors go to waste With gourmet things I cannot taste My body senses -oh! so much And yet their words I cannot touch While wafting on the breeze I smell... Continue Reading →

Love Is ~ Really Bad Poetry

Falling in love Is like Losing someone you know In one of those really big superstores Like Costco or Ikea Where you're running around Looking down every aisle At every sample station When in reality They're probably Right behind you the whole time Or on the other side of the store Doing the exact same... Continue Reading →

Eye Catching ~ Really Bad Poetry

She was lovely And just like those Pointy hook latches That used to hang on Screen doors When we were young Those hooks That would fly up when The door was banged open again She was perfect and Perfectly eye catching  

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