there's an emptinessin the space between we twothat comforts and kills ⁂ ⁂ ⁂ senru (haiku about a human), the muse Inspired by Promptarium.


the distance and time meant nothing to her because she loved him deeply ⁂ ⁂ ⁂ senru, the muse Inspired by somebody I just found because I'm sick in bed and reading. The name is Promptarium.


they fit together perfectly nestled like apair of two teaspoons Brought to you by this Ragtag Daily Prompt.

Moving ⁂ rdp

Subtle flutters ofSteele blue and dusky grey wingsNestled in the wild lilacBeat gently after the danceAs the sun sinks low Tanka Brought to you by this Ragtag Daily Prompt.

Fury ⁂ rdp

Butterflies swirled and danced in the fury of the early autumn winds, intermingled with the falling reds and golds in sunlight. Tanka poetry Brought to you by this Ragtag Daily Prompt.

Mona Lisa

Falling asleep with My soul shining means waking As Mona Lisa Haiku originally published 29 August 2018


Hunting for lions She's in bullshit to her knees And in the wrong field ⁂ Perhaps you're knee deep in bullshit because you walked into a pasture. Maybe it's time to walk out of it and leave the bullshit behind. After all, if you're hunting for lions, or lionesses for that matter, you won't find... Continue Reading →

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