No one listens to what I am saying and the hurt behind my words. No one sees the pain behind my smile and the burdens I still carry. No one feels the regret that grows when I am vulnerable and left wishing I stopped trying. I feel alone.

8760 Hours.

Perched in a chair with my messy hair in a bun and my eyes focused on the homework due the next day. He beckoned for me to follow him into my room and as usual, I obliged. I knew what would happen next because when he wanted my body he got it. I was face... Continue Reading →

The Cycle.

Love Desire, safe Devotion, fidelity, intimacy, perseverance Manipulating, exploiting, betraying Unbearable, insufferable Abuse


I smiled as the glass shards were thrown in my back and I silently wept as everyone dreamed soundly. Cruel words were hurled at me as his bottle emptied and I brushed them off to no avail. He stole the joy, hope and innocence I once had and replaced it with the emptiness he bore.


The pain didn't disappear when he did. It followed me into every dark corner to remind me it was still there. I was never able to escape from it. The quiet moments were saturated with memories I wanted to forget. A pain that affected me so deeply could not be eluded. This pain had to... Continue Reading →

about phoebe adler

"Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it" - Tori Amos - Hello! My name is Phoebe Adler, and I am excited to be a contributing author for The Kintsukuroi Life! I am a survivor of domestic violence and an advocate for those silenced. I... Continue Reading →

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