apricity calling spring

Apricity, which means “the warmth of sun in winter,” was first recorded use in 1623 in Henry Cockeram’s dictionary called A Interpreter of Hard English Words. I’ve been waiting all winter for a moment of apricity when the clouds would break and it wouldn’t be so polar outside that one couldn’t feel warmth despite sunshine. It happened today. This is what happened afterward.

* * *

the sunbeams burned so brightly
across the cottage floors
and painted spots of dancing colors
on walls and too the door
pointing to the crooked space
one had to stoop to use
the deep alcoved ancient door
that in winter was disused
i heard the gentle twittering
of birds in branches high
of naked trees and rooftops
and fluttering through the skies
singing songs as if to say
last week there wasn’t snow
and green things would be growing soon
and i guessed that they would know
so stepping into hopeful light
apricity on my skin
i walked through a warm winter day
knowing spring would soon begin

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