How pale the moonlight

How pale the silvery cold moonlight
Shines in winter of my heart
Serene goddess of brokenness
Mourns wearily in an ocean
Without love
Adrift and alone
Beautifully small
Deep blue tides swelling
But silent hope sings

2 thoughts on “How pale the moonlight

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  1. I have found that grief is so different for each one of us. It’s no worse or better if it takes 3 years or 10 or 20. When asking my mother if it got any better after 20 years, she just turned her head. It gets easier to live with but it seems never to leave completely. After all that was all your enormous amount of love that you gave. Keep writing and living. Mine is better most of the time although I often think of him and even still ask questions of him. Silly, I know. I took a photo today of a red headed finch because he loved them so. Two of my children are still in the midst of what I consider the worst part of grieving. I feel for them and hope they come to the other side soon. Each person goes at their own rate. Keep traveling. All my hugs. Aunt Joanie 🌹🌹🌹🌹

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