It’s better to be brave…

I saw this today written by a poet I follow pseudonamed Atticus and it absolutely demolished me, like, in the kind of way that I agree with my whole being but also in a way that makes me wish I’d written that myself but it also got me thinking…

I think most people would read this as if it is saying that you should speak up and be vulnerable about when you like like someone but there’s another perspective to this that really hits home for me in my life:

It is better to be brave and vulnerable and tell someone that you’re in a relationship with now that you’re not happy and it isn’t working even if it means ending it is the only option then it is to be safely living in a relationship where you are actually alone.

God how I wish I thought of that somewhere, like, 10 years ago before it devolved into the hell it became because I was not brave and I couldn’t even be vulnerable with myself about how I felt. Instead I played it safe because I didn’t want to be alone. Instead I played it safe and hoped they would wake up one day and decide to be the person they had the potential to be instead of the colossal fuckwad they actually are.

Instead of being brave enough and vulnerable enough, I stayed in a relationship where I was 100% committed to someone who was 100% committed to themselves and 0% committed to me.

I wish I had been brave and vulnerable.

4 thoughts on “It’s better to be brave…

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    1. Sorry? You can look at my about Lizzy post from the page about our team of writers! But I’ll try to add something soon.


  1. Please don’t feel guilty or berate yourself. I consider myself to be brave and vulnerable, but to walk out of a life, a home and the safety (?) of that feeling is more than that. It’s akin to parachuting without a chute thinking that landing lightly will be enough.


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