“Hey, you,” he said…

I spent years with a man who never thought of anything or anyone but himself…

And now it is New Year’s Eve and there are some genuinely good men who are thinking about me as the ball drops…

But I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to trust another man ever again. At the turn of another year I am wondering if I will walk the road alone… again…

Or not.

Who can say?

Happy new year.

11 thoughts on ““Hey, you,” he said…

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  1. What does the New Year bring? It’s all an unknown path. I also ask that question, to go on by myself? Should I plan on it? What is in the future may be in God’s hands more than in mine. I have decided to be patient and allow time to unfold.
    Happy New Year with all my love, Aunt Joan 🌹🌹

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  2. Happy New Year! I’ve been in a marriage with a narcissist. It’s ruined my two sons’ marriages and I’m seeing how it is affecting their relationships with their children. It is very sad and I feel guilty because I should have left him and didn’t. Why? Fear of being alone, fear that all the negative things he said about me might be true, financial fears.

    I will never give my love or heart to another man. I feel your pain and know it. Do you really need a man? Friends are better and care more.

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    1. I think a lot of us have a very similar story. I do and I know GwenAnn does. I think it is sad. And like you said it doesn’t just mean women with a narcissist. Women can be a narcissist too but they look a little different then men. Men can be abused too but it looks a lot different then what women get and they have the stigma that they have to be tough and can’t be abused because they are men.


    2. Here is a real question I don’t know how to answer:

      How do you find peace being alone when you want the companionship, the friendship plus more? How do you find men worthy of the friendship in the first place? How to you find peace?

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  3. To find peace, in my mind, you must look into your self deeply. What is it that you want. Make sure whoever applies for the spot doesn’t put you on a pedestal or say a nasty word to you, allows you to speak your mind when and where you want and never pushes you into doing anything you would not have chosen yourself. It’s a very narrow path and you have to keep your eyes wide open.
    I believe there is a true love for each and everyone of us, maybe more than one. Being a friend is better when it’s not a true love all the way through. It can be just as wonderful. Live your own dreams. Try a new dream. Let all your sorrows and guilt be in the past. Live for today and tomorrow only.
    This is from someone who was married to my sweetheart for 45 years. Now he’s passed on it’s time to continue my own path. Good luck!🌹

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