The Kintsukuroi Life is Growing!

When I started The Kintsukuroi Life, I had no expectation for how long I would have this as my work or where it would go. Now here I am going on 5 years later and it has occurred to me that there are more stories of brokenness turned to beauty than just my own. Soooooo… I have invited two other authors to join me here, Elizabeth and C.B.

Elizabeth is a seasoned writer who, until now, has kept her words to herself. The philosophy she brings is that of Deconstruction. It is in pursuing my own deconstruction that we met, so I am excited to see where she will go with this and what stories she will tell.

C.B. is a younger writer with a strong voice and beautiful heart. I have known her for over a decade and it is my pleasure to have seen her grow into the woman she is with the passion she has for helping others. I have every expectations of great things of her.

Keep a lookout for their upcoming work!

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