To say that she was a feast for his eyes was a colossal understatement.

His existence wasn’t without it’s pleasures and it’s little joys but at times it was as if he was in a desert. He wouldn’t complain about it. With all things unpleasant he would suppress the discomfort and dissatisfaction, as we all do at times, but she was different.

She was sunlight and starshine, rocket fuel bottled for consumption, and so full of something that he couldn’t put his finger on so that she felt every feeling so deeply and her fierce authenticity and vulnerability were something to behold and experience.  It wasn’ that life had been easy on her. On the contrary, he knew she’d faced many challenges in her life that would have kept most from ever finding beauty or joy, but still she somehow found a way to shine and he was addicted to her. 

If his life was as if a desert, she was the oasis that to everyone else was a magical mirage that could never really be found and accessed but to him was a quiet retreat and a safe haven from the blistering heat and blowing sands that otherwise would wear him down completely.

She was beautiful with her laughing blue grey eyes and soft pink lips, soft auburn hair and fair (freckled) skin,  that much was certain, but she was more than just beautiful to behold. The sound of her voice moved him and her laughter was… infectious (especially when those pink lips were spread in a bright smile at something hilariously inappropriate she’d just said to him). She smelled of amber, bergamot, sandalwood, and narcissus because those were the scents she liked but there was something else he couldn’t put his finger on that he knew was just her. It was sweet and fresh, almost honey and springtime, if that’s a smell you can imagine. His skin burned under her touch so that even when they were apart he could feel where she’d laid her hands or touched his arm. He always longed to caress her small, soft hands or to run his fingers through her long, wavy hair. And the taste of her lips on his?

She was a feast for all his senses and he was insatiable.

Bulbul’s Bubble original writing prompt for 26 days to foster hope and happiness.

To see other’s responses to this prompt, follow this link to today’s word prompt and see the comments for links to other participants’ writings.

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