For the first time in 800 years
A special star will shine
The star that show in Bethlehem 
And was an ancient sign.

This star show'd down upon them
Two thousand years ago,
A babe laid in a manger
As a sign for shepherds to know

"The blameless one, the spotless lamb,
Is here," the angels sang,
"To bring us peace and hope and joy!"
Our hearts still yearn and pang

For these, as much as they did then.
With much fear, hunger, and hate
Surrounding us each day we live
Our troubles seem so great.

But now our year is closing
A year so full of death
It’s hard to hope for something more
To smile, to take a breath.

But hark, the herald angels
Are coming here once more
To sing and to remind us
Of what there is in store

We sometimes look at troubles
And bumps heard in the night
As if they are the ending and
We forget to seek the light

The light of joy, the light of hope,
The light of peace and love
Will always shine upon us
If we just look up above

Above the clouds and worries
Above the crowds and strife
There’s more than just what we see
And more in this great life

So as the season waxes
Toward Christmas and long nights
Look up to the heavens
And the star that is most bright

Recall the Christmas story
When the Son of God came down
The angel songs remind us still
Of Christ born in Bethlehem town

Bulbul’s Bubble original writing prompt for 26 days to foster hope and happiness.

To see other’s responses to this prompt, follow this link to today’s word prompt and see the comments for links to other participants’ writings.

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