Gratefulness ~ Blessings…

The kind of friendship and connection that they know when you need them without you ever having to ask, that you can be completely vulnerable, that when you feel like you’re at your worst they still see your best and remind you who you are…

The kind of generosity that sees someone in need and opens homes and hearts without any conditions or judgment (p.s. it wasn’t anyone Christian that did this, so humble yourselves, you churchy people who think you’ve got the corner on the market, because the churchy people were the ones who were the least Christ-like this year, I’m very sorry to report)…

The kind of unconditional love that willingly puts one’s own self in danger telling the truth in order to help someone else find safety and freedom…

The kindness and compassion from law enforcement who see the truth clearly and from counsel that reminds me that even if things don’t turn out the way I hope, I’ve still sent the message that needed to be sent…

9 thoughts on “Gratefulness ~ Blessings…

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      1. 💜 I do. I know you refer to what you lack that others take for granted, but I think of what others lack that you clearly do not. You should know that I see that… I see you.


      2. Of course I do. NTs aren’t often able to see the world or see people who are different then they are with clarity. They think that we are more unlike than we are alike and they focus on what is different. I’m not a typical NT, though. I see the similarities. We are human, we have the same needs and desires, we only have different languages and perspectives in reaching for them. If you take the time to learn someone’s language, they show you who they are.


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