The Qi ⁂ rdp

It was his qi 
   That ebbed and flowed
Between the dark open water's
   Endless cold
And the glistening sunshine
   Tickling the liminal space
Where she walked in the swash
   In endless grace
In one the wide expanse 
   Of all that has been
In the other the hopes   
   For all that he dreams
At times he would sit in the 
   Cold, bleak expanse
Staring off in the distance
   As if in a trance
Unable to settle himself
   In the life that he leads
Because a life in that sunshine
   Is the life that he needs
So his qi paid the price
   For his choice to stay planted
Being endlessly drained
   And taken for granted
Until he would steer
   Himself to the shore
Watching her in the waves
   Transported once more
Lost in thoughts of being
   Where his mind wandered often
Where his furrowed brows
   Would easily soften

Brought to you by this Ragtag Daily Prompt.

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