Gratefulness ~ A season…


It teaches us how beautiful it is to let the dead things go.

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  1. (I don’t remember who wrote this, rattled around in my head ringing the bell as I read “Autumn…” feels like Rumi or Neruda… who are of course very far apart, though I’ll just let it fall as it presented itself)

    “I dream of you
    As a falling leaf dreams
    Of kissing the ground.”

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  2. Oh, went backwards here. Excellent post. The beauty of letting dead things go ~ the snake its skin shedded, the snake its skin not missed…. the chaff blown off from the wheat in the wind. This is one of my favorite concepts. Thanks for posting.

    Forgetting is for getting. It makes more breathing room for the good stuff to breathe, and magnetize more.

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      1. 3 fingers of half n half for a big one on the go, a splash in the empty cup to be mixed by the pour for a regular cup and keep it strong. If I can’t see light through it, that’s a great start.
        🙂 with “all the cream” gave me a smile and went to heavy cream, and then yogurt starts going into the blueberries and as if not enough flavinoids… yes, I’ll pour some blackberries in now that I’m at the fridge for the yogurt. Guess I’m having a Relatively dark blue and purple breakfast in the morning now. I can live with that.

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      2. There’s no sense taking away the strength of a well brewed cup of coffee or tea, for sure! Pinch of salt helps take away the bitterness, though! Makes me wish I had some blueberries, though I’m leaning toward steel cut oats with the blueberries, since it will be so cool, and a kombucha chaser for the probiotics.

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      3. It’s a hot tip I learned living in coffee shops: when the roast or brew is too bitter for you, add a pinch of salt. It changes the flavor slightly but doesn’t actually make it salty unless you add too much. I rather think it makes it smoother!

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      4. That makes sense, too. The acidity being balanced by salt as it is a subtle, though intense corrosive. It reminds me of a “To Sync With Heat” post. Thanks for the hot tip about the smoothness. Hmmm, gives me the idea to dial up the strength even more, to the will start your car level, and then temper it with a little salt. This is cool. I may have a bit of the alchemist’s studio going on with coffee more than normal. Plus, it’s time to dial it into the Winter… like to run the seasons. Funny, mid-Spring I suddenly Realize I’ve been conscious of, though not really noticed that I’m back to tea and haven’t had coffee for 1-2 weeks. Just one of those natural cycles to ebb and flow with as if without thought or will, just like “turn left that tree looks cool” and you just keep going kinda thing.

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      5. I’m typically tea all the time: happy = tea, stressed = tea, sad or anxious = tea, ready to run someone over with a bus = tea… But when the times change, I go through a coffee phase. Every. Year.

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      6. 🙂 Love it… ready to run someone over with a bus = … tea. Reminds me of whatever spy movie that was, where in one scene they’re riled up to mayhem and murder and the like and then quaintly… “after tea.”

        I’m a large coffee in the morning, a small afternoon coffee around 3:30, water or Malbec/Carmenere some evenings depending. The coffee is the only indelible… except when I switch to tea in the Spring. I remember going down the aisle one day and OH SaWEET! Look at this TEA SALE. I FILLED my mini-cart… totally forgot coffee and I was out. I didn’t notice for 2 weeks back then I was sitting on the deck watching the steam just billow up off of the tea when I cocked my head to the side… I just charted chuckling. I haven’t had coffee in… 2 weeks. Oh well, guess I didn’t need a clutch for that shift.

        Your tea consistency is pretty rockin’. Tea For Life.

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      7. That sounds like my kind of spy movie! Tea for life. One of my friends calls me a Tory because of it and I learned that America is such a coffee drinking country because of the Tea Parties and making coffee a patriotic choice. Truthfully, I could be living under a bridge and still have 10 varieties of good bagged or loose leaf teas to choose from. Morning… Noon… Night… Tea!

        Although, in the early evening I prefer whisky (rocks) or bourbon (neat).

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      8. Wonderfully well-rounded! I didn’t know that about the American patriotic coffee bent spinning off the Boston Tea Party back in colonial times. Hmmm. Makes sense.

        10 varieties of good bagged or loose leaf teas to choose from if living under a bridge. You have your priorities straight. I laugh when anyone poses the “you are going to a desert island, and can only take one word. What do you take.” “Only one word? ‘Hike.‘ You can take a hike on that. First, there will be my coffee and and and. The food I can probably figure out there.” I received a subscription to Teavana years ago and the gift came with a sizable bag of loose Cinnamon Mandarin White Chai that just opening the Resealable bag was aromatherapy bliss in itself.

        Morning… Noon… Night… Tea! That’s resonant. I only have coffee on days that end in ‘y.’

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      9. Geeky me comes out: there were TWO Boston Tea Parties, one in December 1773 and one in March 1774, and other Tea Parties throughout the colonies because it resonated and it was only the tea that was destroyed. It was easy to argue that it was patriotic to drink coffee when it was being so highly taxed! One of the tea companies that put a claim in with the crown to pay for what was lost is still making the blend of tea that they had tossed into the Harbor and you can buy it under the name of the Boston Tea Party Tea. (It is DELICIOUS, by the way.)

        I do have my priorities. I can live without indoor plumbing and hot showers everyday but not tea.

        I’ve contemplated tea subscriptions but I’m a stickler: I don’t lean toward the rooibos or fruity “herbal” teas unless it is a citrus. That chai sounds fantastic!!!

        I appreciate people with the dedication to something loved. It’s the ritual of having that simple comfort daily, isn’t it?

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      10. It IS the ritual of a daily comfort. In fact the focused discipline of the ritual like a natural autonomic function… like breath. I appreciate people with the dedication to something loved as well. I decided long ago that I just can’t live without my creative work. It’s most likely a bigger won’t than an actual can’t, though why conceive of suffering? That stuff will find you all on its own without any effort on our parts. If there’s not the beauty of a simple comfort, something I enjoy, what’s the point?

        I’ll give you 2 votes, one for each Tea Party. I get that geek. I used to collect stamps, and there’s a Boston Tea Party series, loved reading all about it. Thanks for the re-primer. 🙂 Geek is always good in my book. It usually means, “Hey, I’ve scuba dived the depths and flown to the heights of this topic… and I’m just gettin’ started.”

        With an all caps review of DELICIOUS, I’m going to have to try some of the Boston Tea Party tea. Thanks for the lead. I can’t do fruity, either… except Lemon Zinger or Red Tiger. Egyptian Licorice steeped to strong is bliss.

        “I appreciate people with the dedication to something loved. It’s the ritual of having that simple comfort daily, isn’t it?” Yes Yes. I feel it keeps the pathways clear so the inner gold can well up to fill the cracks and fault lines in celebrations of connections born of experience rather than scars. My work with Kintsukuroi of Self Tarot is actually how your site popped up as a recommendation. I’m glad it did.

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      11. I feel like you’ve done a deep dive to the depths of my archive but I like the added thought of the golf that comes with experience as well as scars because I think the experiences are part of the refinement. I like that… Hmmmm… Feeling words starting to bubble in the kettle.

        I have scuba dived… I like that description of geeking. I like it a lot.

        I agree… Autonomic. My day isn’t right unless I find those comforts and practice them. They create a daily self care hygiene that makes it possible to traverse all the challenges of my life and the difficulties that have kept my world in turmoil for several years (that I can’t be open about… yet). Keeping the hygiene present daily despite everything else creates a rhythm of normalcy, peace, contentedness, and regularity. Tea is one thing, writing is another, although having a bit of a gag keeping me from being able to write my experience and emotion now is… so challenging. I feel like I’m missing a piece of me.

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      12. I hear that. Doing a deep dive into your archives sounds like a good experience.

        It may be more my deep dive into my own Over the years through Architecture, Alchemy, Tarot, Jungian Depth Psychology, Poetry, Writing, Painting, etc etc and my own work with myself (And a professional) becoming besties with my beasties… and arrive at Kintsukuroi of Self, and its applications through Tarot. I eclipsed it out of the telescope when I wrote my book for the deck published in 2011. I was asked to write an article on the deck this summer, and after 9 years let that cat out of the bag.

        I hear you loud and clear that you feel like you are missing a piece of yourself, and that you can’t be open about It. That’s important self-care right there. I had a similar feeling when I had my own Architectural firm and Tarot Reading Business… there was just this nagging feeling eating at me, “What is it going to take for me to get all of me? I can relax and still run at B+ A-, though… it’s about gardening beauty in the creative process from my Man Womb Place of Creation… so relaxed or not, it’s not relative. What is my best? What am I really in service to?” And there it was. The 1st question the smaller ME scale about my best and beauty. I underwent 3+ years of bi-weekly Brainspotting with a Psychologist. Got that piece. It was coming up on the 3rd year when In one session I slowly arrived inside to a …. (personal). And, the amount of release and cascade of ablution tingles throughout….

        I recommend looking into giving Brainspotting a go, or at least a gander. Simply a suggestion. Personally, I found it quite effective. Of course there’s no accounting for taste a you and I have had fun expressing here. Works for some. Maybe worth a look?

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      13. The deep dive into the self is one of the most challenging experiences a person can undergo because it requires one to meet head on their own trauma as well as their own dark personality traits, toxic tendencies, and unfortunate biases. I’ve worked hard for many years to do just that and to address things as best I could with many moments that seemed to me to be an avalanche of emotion and release as once deeply hidden and repressed memories and their accompanying emotions came to the surface. Unfortunately, until *one particular thing* is resolved, I’m advised not to put pen to paper in any way about things lest I tip my hand. So instead I must let this piece of me sit largely unpracticed and unexercised while waiting for resolution. I find it challenging to write when I cannot write about myself because I’m what I know and the experiences and thoughts are the foundation for the stories I tell. I try writing prompts but I don’t get the feedback or response or conversation that inspires more writing.

        I’m not certain, but it may be possible brain spotting was something my PhD used with me. I would have to check with him. If not I will give it a look; already contemplated EMDR and did another therapy that I hesitate to mention publicly.

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      14. Yes, EMDR is powerful. Brainspotting, though was The resonant one with me.

        Writing prompts are great for lots of things, though, personally, I do not count on them as a stand-in for Psychology and continually opening to Self… which once you open the door, and step through, and turn back to look, there was never a door in the 1st place. Alan Watts had that one right. I’ve always since as far back as I can remember raised my inner eyebrows at beasties when they rage. Heck, if they harm me, they harm my home. I feel they simply need to be intensely heard as they are too dense from being in the inner pressure cooker too long. I say “don’t waste trouble.” Jodorowski amplifies that with, “I made a diamond out of my misfortune.” Intense pressures down there form diamond that are then ejected into the light?

        I’m curious. You indicated, “So instead I must let this piece of me sit largely unpracticed and unexercised while waiting for resolution.” That’s a curious turn of phrase. Waiting, as in sitting around for IT to step up? Or, waiting, because you are actively working on or with it and you are simply still in process with it? Or, waiting like it’s a family heritage or lineage that you cannot just step out of its shadow into your own light for family “marketing” reasons?

        Please clarify “waiting” if you would. Those words felt to land some tracks for just long enough to…

        Will you clarify your “waiting”? You seem very direct. Do you have a won’t-budge Beastie? Or, an unmovable?

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      15. Waiting… waiting out of necessity, and with a patient mindfulness that the waiting won’t be forever, for the justice system to decide what it will do with the primary source of the pressure, the catalyst for the introspection that leads to deep psychological insight and understanding. Movable beastie stuck in red tape. Everything connected to the catalyst is where the psychological insights and deep diving into the self exist, at the present, and I cannot bring myself to be inauthentic or to write where my heart and soul aren’t. I must be honest as a writer and a human being, authentic, vulnerable, but getting to words that are those things with a major portion of my existence off limits is like trying to drive the Indy-500 in a Model-T without an engine.

        So I wait and when a prompt tickles something interesting, I find some words to say, but not very many and not very deep.

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      16. That makes all kinds of sense. Understood the enigmatic and immovable of legal life-parts incarceration… like you have an NDA with yourself… bunk and bogus, though nonetheless present.

        May I suggest to get off the Indy track and take the Engineless Model-T over to an F1 track? Indy drivers only turn left. All day long, they only turn left. That puts a bent to enforce the delusional expectation that that’s the only way to go. Lap after lap, left. F1 drivers (Formula 1), especially like Lewis Hamilton… Maybe at least take a YouTube visual experiential field trip for some Formula 1. And, If you’re up for an even more Hold-On thrill, check out The Isle of Man Moto GP. I wonder if the images and scenes and living movements will serve you a plate of newness and “3rd Options” to feel-think around so you’re not stuck while someone else litigates a portion of your life. Heck, I’ll offer… Grow another part. Naturalize differently in your garden and say a temporary eulogy for the Poisoned Sleeping Beauty Part? Then, grow like a weed that’s really a perennial who said “Enough of that bs sidewalk you poured right where I was going to grow. No matter. I’ll poke my nose up over here, and YOU aren’t allowed over here.”

        Or, as Bruce Lee would say, “When trapped in a room with your enemies, do not freeze. Live fluidly. Lock the door. Turn. You may be trapped in there, though they are going to realize they are now locked in there with you.” 🙂 Silence can be a part of that of course as well. Oh, and tea. Tea. Yes, tea.

        If they hoard your Inner Riches, just may mean they don’t have any of their own. And, since you had them, who’s to say you make another Mother Lode of them? And this time, all yours with different boundaries Kintsukuroi-learned from the last?

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